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      Sitting until he dried, Larry donned his garments.

      I.Next youll be saying the letter was in a registered envelope from California and was written in Cairo! laughed Dick.

      Hes going back! Sandy exulted. Well get him!

      As long as youre not, and Im notwhat neither of us cared to say, he turned toward the airplane, lets get together! Im here because my passenger, a buddy of mine, wrenched his shoulder climbing back into the phib and we set down here so I could leave him at the fishing shack, yonder, and go back to see what was what. He was in too bad shape to take chances if I felt called on to do any stuntsI thought I could take the air in time to catch that seaplane coming out of the fog, but it fooled me. I already know why youre here, he added, suppose we hop off in Jeffs crate and give a look-see if your friend and my war buddy need any help.Landor himself sat in his tent, upon his mess-chest, and by the light of a candle wrote a despatch which[Pg 8] was to go by courier the next morning. Gila valley mosquitoes were singing around his head, a knot of chattering squaws and naked children were peering into his tent, the air was oven-hot, coyotes were filling the night with their weird bark, and a papoose was bawling somewhere close by. Yet he would have been sufficiently content could he have been let alonethe one plea of the body military from all time. It was not to be. The declared and standing foes of that body pushed their way through the squaws and children. He knew them already. They were Stone of the Tucson press, sent down to investigate and report, and Barnwell, an Agency high official, who would gladly assist the misrepresentations, so far as in his power lay.


      He did not dare to find out. That what might be answered by watching!



      Well hidden, they learned how wise Sandy had been.