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      "Say, old pard," asked Si as his wagon drove past, "is there any rebs 'round here?"Sometime before midnight the Orderly-Sergeant came around, and after vigorous kicking and shaking, succeeded in waking them.

      [815] Walpole, Memoirs of George II., II. 384."Purty big name fer such a leetle bug, ain't it, Perfessor?" observed Si. "Name's big enough for an el'fant er a 'potamus."

      "No," said another; "they skipped out before the rear-guard was formed, and were all drowned trying to swim the Cumberland.""We'uns foutin' for our liberty, and t' keep yo'uns from takin' our niggers away."

      "I've a good mind to go down to Murfreesboro' and161 see Si," responded the father.

      "We hain't got your blamed old scoop-shovel; you can't git it; you ain't goin' in there until you clean your feet, an' not then onless we conclude to allow you," Shorty replied.

      "Best to proceed very slowly, sir!" said Hackett, pale with agitation.He stumbled against her. He gathered her up and held her against him. She clung around his neck in a sort of desperation. But the warmth of him, the ripple of muscle under his cotton shirt, the strong rise of his breast against hers all seemed to pour a new life into her. He was very real!


      Thus far the summary of facts which heads all newspaper stories. Several columns of comment and hypothesis followed:


      [823] Knox, II. 275. Murray, Journal. Fraser, Journal. Vaudreuil, in his usual way, multiplies the English force by three.


      "What time is it, Pen?"With her own swift, swimming motion she moved behind him, and looked down over his shoulder. She read staring headlines: